RADHA Mortgage:
Simple Solution to Housing & Banking Crisis
Re-write for website: Raghunomics.com

RADHA: 5 bank advantages over 30 mortgage:

a) Capital infusion of 20% against entire distressed property portfolio.

(This would have replaced gov’t bailouts and avoided 90% of all banking bankruptcies.)

b) Reduces amount of principal write-down by covering the first 25% of such loss.

c) Extends the time frame for making any write-offs ...

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RADHA’s Fast Equity Builder Mortgage:
Executive Summary: Solving Real Estate & Banking Crisis

RADHA Mortgage provides banks the 5things they need most:

1. Time,
2. Capital,
3. Transforming real estate liabilities into performing assets,
4. Accurate pricing (above market price)
And most of all =
5. Reducing cost of (Real Estate) Write Downs by 50% to 100%


Banks estimate that real estate values are somewhat artificially low and ...

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There is no Banking (or Real Estate) Crisis. It’s an Accounting Mistake (Part I)
Bank & Insurance Paying-off Same Mortgage
How many names can you think of for ‘home loan?’

Mortgage. Securities. Credit-default-swaps?

Different names, same loan. The titles may have confused the accounting as we explain.

The lender asked the homeowner if they would like a loan. Let’s say it’s for $100,000.

The homeowner said yes.

Lender loaned this loan and now called it a MORTGAGE.

The lender took this $100,000 mortgage ...

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The ‘Other Way’ To Rid All ‘Toxic Loans’ (Part II)
Pay Down Home Owner with 40% rather than Bank with 80%
The ‘OTHER WAY’ to get rid of all ‘toxic loans’ (besides bank bailouts) would be to refinance all ‘underwater’ homes (that owe more than they are worth). No More ‘Underwater Homes.’ No More ‘Toxic Loans.’

(Refinancing homeowners is described in Part I: Banks & Insurance Paying off Same Loan.’

The benefits of refinancing homeowners (in place of banks):
• It cost about 5% to 10% the price (of ...

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Finance Bail-Out with Banks Write-down (Part III)
(Bank Bailout Cost 3x More)
In Part I, we demonstrated how the bank and insurance company have been writing off the same mortgage when writing down their own set of securities. (Each has a duplicate of the same mortgage security so the write down by the bank is also writing down the same mortgage for the insurance company too, and visa verse. A 35% write down by each is a combined write down of 70%.)
In Part II, we summarize ...

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Trillion Dollar Discovery:
Banks & Insurance Paying Off Same Loan
Here's the latest. Everything is summarized in my letter to Carlos.
Hi Carlos,
Thank you for this ACRON report. It offers some very exciting prospects for our RADHA mortgage program.
I’ve just finished the re-write of the RADHA Manual. It took a month. (I’ve been off line during this time.) Writing about the RADHA Loan uncovered some extraordinary new insights to this housing crisis ...

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Guardhouse Biz Package
Recast as Network vs Studio
Aloha Visvambar,
You summarize the company well: ‘hunt for treasure initiative.’ The company value has been pegged to their immediate treasures and present hunt. They have packaged themselves as such and so struggling to get much above that basic value. Hence, the offer of 150% in coins against investment. It’s a give-away on their part.

In contrast, I see their present operation as a launching ...

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Bunga Jungle Tradeshow Marketing
MDS vs Stands
To Ananda Svarupa Das (Anil)
Jan 13 at 3:35 PM
Aloha Anandaji,

I have some idea how busy you are, so I do appreciate you taking the time and priority to be so prompt in getting back to me. Thank you.

Advertisement: Stands vs MDS
I gather your advertisement at the show was showcasing the tech stands rather than the Magnets Disk Set: MDS. I remember seeing their magazine from last year. They ...

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Michael Langenmayr
To campaigns@dailykos.com
Today at 9:25 AM
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Aloha Michael,

IYou may find our programs offering something both Dems and Reps would get behind and allow you to still have those unemployment benefits for we can reduce deficits by as much as $5 trillion. Give us a little air time and see what the response would be.

We have ...

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National Priorities
CEO Comerford

To communications@nationalpriorities.org
Today at 8:17 AM
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Aloha Ms Comerford,

We have found a way we maybe able to offset upto $5 trillion of our deficit.

Up to $5 trillion of our Fed deficit is in real estate securities Uncle Sam has been buying, first with the banking bail-out and then through subsequent QE programs. ...

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Letter to CEO: Anna Galland
To Anna Galland, MoveOn.org Civic Action
Today at 7:59 AM
Aloha Anna,

It’s rare a large organization dares ask for a direct response. The sheer volume requires its own infrastructure and so points to a different set of priorities towards a truly interactive organization when done so. Even more so if it’s the CEO’s address. Bravo. My hat off to you.

We have a couple things you should find ...

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Kathleen Parker
Call for Help
To kparker@kparker.com
Today at 4:27 PM
Aloha Ms Parker,

I was pleasantly surprised to see you openly confess to actually 'reading' your fan mail - the haters and all. lol. A growing number don't. Bravo to your patience. lol.

Yes, of course, a newspaper junkie like me has been reading your work for decades now. Its with the stirring anticipation I write you as a fan and junior fellow writer. ...

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Press Release 11/15/12
Hunger Strike: Fasting from food and water for single question to President: Is Economic Crisis jus
Press Contact: Raghu Giuffre prezraghu@yahoo.com (917) 280-1888

Friday November 16th, 5pm til – Friday November 19th, 12pm
Waikiki Gandhi Statue

Raghu Giuffre will begin a 3 day fast from food and water this Friday November 16th, 5 pm, at the Gandhi statue in Waikiki, to stir the public to join in asking the President a simple question: Is this economic crisis just one big accounting mistake? ...

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Beyond Two Party Politics
Raghu for Congress Speech
This is the speech for our press conference announcing our Raghu For Congress campaign.

Most every political candidate in the country runs as a liberal or conservative or some variation of the two. In fact, most of the known world works exclusively from this conservative vs liberal paradigm. It’s so all-encompassing that few can imagine there would be something more. We dedicate this campaign ...

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Press Release, Raghu for Congress
Beyond 2 Party Politics
Here's our press release for Raghu for Congress.

Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

"There are easy to find solutions once we look past the two party ideology of conservative versus liberal," says Raghu. Raghu Giuffre has authored 6 books on Economics called Raghu-nomics. He explains, "$4 trillion in federal deficits can be paid in months ...

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Social cos: best economic platform for fair & effective policy
West Virginia introduced the $1,200 speeding ticket for the first offense. $2,500 for the second.

Is that fair or mercenary?

The apparent reason is that the Republican Gov. cut state taxes and so charged these higher premiums to make up for the lost revenue.

Well, is that fair to drivers?

What is the measure or basis for our tax policy?

Conservatives say that lower taxes allows greater ...

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LIfestyle Insurance: Health Care Made Easy
50% of medical cost is lifestyle. Cover own lifestyle reduce insurance 50%
Responsibility of One’s Own Products & Actions

Magic bullet to Health Care Reform

50% of Taxes & Insurance Spent on Life Style

Up to 50% of our taxes & insurance premiums go to cover ‘lifestyle’ activities. Lifestyle is therefore the largest category of discretionary spending with the potential of reducing our costs by up to this same 50%. Lifestyle is also ...

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ROOPA Summary Part A:
Social Cost: The Magic Bullet of Social Policy & Tax Reform
The Savings, Efficiencies & Fairness of a Social Cost Based Tax System Called ROOPA:
Responsibility for One’s Own Products & Actions

ROOPA is the tax program you’ve been waiting for. ROOPA can cut taxes by half while still doubling benefits and programs.

ROOPA’s secret is simple. ROOPA works from a social cost based approach to develop new found economic policy platforms. “Social costs” are ...

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ROOPA Summary Part B
Science Based Policy versus Ideology: The Mechanics of
Alcohol demonstrates how its social costs effectively high light ALL the points of greatest economic liability thereby underscoring where intervention will be most effective. This example of Alcohol shows we have 3 prime areas of cost:

45% = alcoholics;
40% = dunk drivers and
15% = all other drinkers combined.

Knowing this ‘break down’ allows us to separate out 85% of the social cost by ...

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Summary Part C
Duel Tax System: Flat Tax meets Vice Tax = Barata + DOTS
This brings us to one of ROOPA’s greatest political advantages. ROOPA blends the best initiatives of both political parties. Doing this allows ROOPA to lay the broadest common ground for real bipartisanship.

Republicans have been pushing the Flat Tax for decades. Meanwhile, Democrats never get enough of their Vice Tax. Democrats are always levying a growing number of taxes on to cigarettes, liquor, ...

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Summary Part D
How Barata & DOTS Work with a DUI
The last chapter section introduced DOTS: Defined Optional Spending. Now we will show you how it all comes together into a working policy program.

This DOTS system by ROOPA is a unique feature unmatched by the cookie cutter tax policies of the day. DOTS gives us a mechanism that is interactive to our own life style. The young, gay man can designate his ‘extra taxes/cash’ towards AIDS funding. ...

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Purpose of Candidacy
Why Raghu Giuffre is running for Hawaii’s Senate Seat.
Why Raghu Giuffre is running for Hawaii’s Senate Seat.
Break Ideological Oppression

50% of all medical cost is lifestyle related. Both parties know this and yet, neither has looked into this side of the healthcare reform.

Why not?

One party is about gov’t care, the other, free markets. Other options are simply not considered.

As much as a third of fed deficits are in real estate securities ...

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High-gas prices = Stimulus & Innovation
Inflation is not how many dollars it takes to buy gold, but how much gold it takes to buy technology
…the measure of inflation is not in how many dollars it takes to buy gold, but how much gold it takes to buy technology.

New Inflation Measure:
Inflation – Gold -:- Technology x Income = Tech Affordability Index: TAI.



“Technology is a powerful offset to inflation and often, far more so then Fed capital policies. Technology can leapfrog ahead inflation and does ...

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Republican Healthcare Alternative
4 reasons Republicans will love ROOPA.
ROOPA: Responsibility for One’s Own Products & Actions

By Raghu Giuffre

Our ROOPA program is the kind of alternative healthcare proposal Republicans are looking for. Here’s the outline are we presenting to them via our network.

4 reasons Republicans will love ROOPA.

1) Gov’t Saves $7 Trillion

2) New Trillion $ Industry

3) Market Driven

4) Recast Ideology


· ...

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American Shopping Party
American Shopping Party Goals and Princniples
American Shopping Party

Self-Sustainability meets Common Cause;

50 Million Shoppers
Buy American Made on 1st Sat. of each month. 13 million union members getting 3 friends and family = 50 Million.

Common Cause
Other parties are there to work out our differences and that’s an important function, but need one place where we come together as one people. 29 ...

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American Shopping Party Protocols
Basis: Raghu-nomics
Potential Candidates must complete and pass a course on Raghu-nomics with a Certificate of Completion.
Must by voted in by 55% of officers and signed by Chairman of party to run as an ASP Candidate.
A chairman veto can be overturned by 2/3rds votes of officers.
2/3rds vote by officers for sensor. Signed by Chairman.

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Obamacare vs HMO Summary
Lifestyle: Solution to Crisis
We target HMO's as the primary cause behind the spike of USA healthcare cost over those of other developed nations. HMOs cost us about double for as much as half the service of other countries. This disparity began in the 80’s with HMO’s takeover of our healthcare.
Obamacare removes this HMO market corruption thereby leading to the kinds of cost savings and service upgrades we see of other countries. ...

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Obamacare: Victim of HMO Fraud
Solving the Real Estate Crisis: Lifestyle Insurance
‘…if HMOs are so confident of their service, we welcome them to remove all legal exemption – retroactively. Then we can talk of ‘free-markets’ and the better service they offer.’


We target HMO's as the primary cause behind the spike of USA healthcare cost over those of other developed nations. HMOs cost us about double for as much as half the service of other countries. This disparity ...

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Bungajungle Marketing Plan
Magnet Disk Set
Next Billion Dollar Company. Finished marketing outline for Bungajungle. Their magnets could become the industry platform for holding all tech devices – all 5 billion: phones, tablets etc. Their objectives got lost in the stands hot designs and sales prospects. Our marketing plan re-set them as an industry leader for tech platforms. This re-calibrated their cap rate from $30 million versus $300 million ...

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Scientific & Vedic Corollaries
Letter to Ambarish about Temple of Understanding
Aloha Abarish P.

I can only guess at the exquisite debates on presenting the 'Vedic understanding' of the universe. This Mayapur temple is to serve as the center for all such presentations and studies. Is the discussion now a closed topic (as maybe required to complete the construction plans for it) or is the temple in fact the academic center for such works and the discussion on the theories ...

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Prabhupada's Passing;: Part II My Account; Part 2
FBook Response to P.Passing: Part 1
My Response to Prabhupada's Passing: Part 1

Yes, Noys Fine Art, I remember you quite well from that 20 minutes of Prabhupada’s passing back in 1977. You were crying uncontrollably more then most and that is before you began banging your head against the wall. You were hitting it fairly hard. I seem to remember the cold hard thud of cement in response and one of the pictures almost falling off the ...

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Prabhuapda's Passing, My Account: Part I
Reprint from VNN 12/4/97
My Account of Prabhupad's Passing
12/14/97 - 1358

USA (VNN) - Raghunatha Anudas - This is my account of Prabhupad's passing.

This morning, I had breakfast with a leading devotee. We talked of guru-kulis today and our childhood's past. We happened upon my days in Vrindavan from `76 to 82. She asked if I had been there at the time of Prabhupada's passing. I had. I relayed how I had been there ...

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Whistleblowers are the People’s Spy
Miranda Rights for Snitches: Need, Purpose, Impact
“…You may lie to the people and you may corrupt our politicians, but know that a single lie to congress gives the snitch a free pass to go public. That would be a surprisingly effective remedy to agencies lying to gov’t. You lie, your department subordinates get to go public.
… In the age of information, the whistle-blower is the special forces of democracy’s public right-to-know. They are the Super ...

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